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Maryland Raccoon Control Services

Raccoons are important members of their ecosystems, yet they can also carry diseases that are harmful to humans. They've been known to go into attics and crawlspaces, and we all know how damaging raccoons can be. Maryland Raccoon Removal is ready to help you, no matter how much damage the raccoons have done to your home.

The most important thing to remember if you have a raccoon in your home is to stay away from it. Raccoons can be dangerous to your health as well as the health of your family. For years, Maryland Wildlife Removal has provided raccoon removal services throughout Maryland. Give us a call today and we'll be happy to assist you.

AAC Raccoons caught under deck

Raccoon Trapping

You may have a raccoon in your home if you've been hearing scratching noises coming from your attic or crawlspace. This is especially true if you hear the noises at night because they are nocturnal. Raccoons are expert climbers that can get access to almost any portion of your property. If you notice any climbing or claw marks on your property, you may have an issue. MD Raccoon Removal ensures that raccoons are removed in a safe and compassionate manner.

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a Raccoon on roof

Raccoon Exclusion

Rather than distributing poison, the easiest approach to get rid of your raccoon problem is to trap and remove them. After the raccoon has been gone, we always assist homeowners by doing necessary repairs. After all, what good is it to remove an animal if you don't take steps to prevent future raccoons from entering? We at MD Raccoon Removal services provides long-term solution by having raccoon exclusion methods done in your property.

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critter detective feces clean up

Dead Raccoon Removal

The raccoon is one of Maryland's most well-known and identifiable species, and it is a nuisance to most households. Raccoons can be found in forests as well as in and near cities, thus they may come into touch with you on your land. Unfortunately, because they are so common, you may come upon a dead raccoon near your home. Our team of specialist are trained to handle raccoon carcass. Call MD Raccoon Removal now!

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a raccoon damaged attic

Raccoon Damage Repair

Raccoons are known for their destructive tendencies. They rip off roof materials in order to gain access to your attic and contaminate it with their waste. They can even damage insulation, jeopardizing your home's safety. This can make heating and cooling your home more challenging. Fortunately, there are professionals in Maryland who specialize in raccoon removal. The best raccoon control companies in Maryland are licensed, bonded, and insured, and they're ready to help you get rid of your raccoon problem.

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Raccoons in Maryland: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to something as severe as raccoon removal, you want to have as much knowledge as possible going into the scenario. We are frequently asked questions about raccoon removal. Here are some of the most often asked questions, as well as some of the solutions MD Raccoon Removal offers.

AAC Raccoon trapped in chimney

How To Know If There Is A Raccoon In The Attic?

What is the best way to tell if you have a raccoon in your house? If you've been hearing noises coming from your attic, especially late at night when raccoons are most active, you may have a raccoon in your attic. Raccoons are expert climbers who can gain access to any portion of your home. If you detect any climbing marks, scratches, or claw marks on your home, it could be a sign that a raccoon has made your home its home.

What Diseases Do Raccoons Bring?

Raccoons are probably the most closely connected mammal with rabies, and for good cause. Raccoons have some of the highest rabies rates of any mammal, and they are frequent carriers of the illness. Rabies is, of course, lethal if not treated promptly.

Raccoons are also frequently carriers of canine distemper, a disease that can be fatal to dogs. Their faeces may contain roundworm, which can cause serious infection in humans if inhaled.

What Property Damages Can Raccoons Do?

Raccoons can cause a lot of damage to your home. They frequently rip and scratch your attic, potentially causing damage to your home's insulation and foundation. Their feces can carry infections and can build up in your home, generating foul odors and stains. Raccoons also have a proclivity for pooping in pools, which can be particularly problematic due to disease transmission.

Damage from raccoons can result in thousands of dollars in higher heating and cooling expenditures. Raccoons regularly destroy ventilation and electrical systems that run through attics, in addition to insulation. These issues, if not repaired, might result in fire, water damage, and even mold.

The Best Raccoon Removal in Maryland?

Raccoons are one of the species about which we receive the most calls, mostly because they are always on the lookout for food and enjoy getting into garbage cans. Our raccoon removal services are provided in Maryland by MD Raccoon Removal Services. Please contact us to learn how our staff can assist you with trapping and relocating any raccoons on your property.

MD Raccoon Trapping Company

We believe that every member of the animal kingdom is entitled to a long and happy existence, which is why we support catch-and-release programs. We are raccoon lovers, and while we recognize the extent of the harm that certain animals can bring to people's homes and properties, we prefer to avoid using fatal raccoon control methods whenever possible.

The best, and nearly only, way to get rid of raccoons is to catch them in a trap and relocate them to a location that is safe for them while still meeting their needs. It's tough to catch a raccoon, and making barrier repairs afterward is crucial. What's the point of removing the raccoon if you don't have effective preventative procedures in place afterward?

Mother raccoons are frequently seen in home attics, where they use the shelter as a nursing area and give birth to their young. This is why MD Raccoon Removal's safe and effective procedures are essential for removing all raccoons from your property, young and old. We are licensed and insured to take the necessary precautions to prevent undesirable pests from infiltrating your property and to use compassionate methods to remove any raccoons that have already taken up residence in your space.


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Raccoons may appear to be adorable little furry robbers, but they are not always as innocent as they appear. These creatures can cause a lot of problems and dangers for homeowners and others who live in residential areas.

Raccoons are known to get into attics and crawlspaces of homes and can be difficult to get rid of once inside. They are nocturnal, which makes it more difficult for homeowners to discover their existence and activity, and they usually live in groups, so if you locate one, there are probably a few more nearby.

For raccoon removal in Maryland, contact MD Raccoon Removal Services.

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